Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Shavuot Jahvuot!!

Hey rude boys!!
In order to celebrate the upcoming shavuot holyday, I propose you to gather in the famous Levontin 7's Tel avivian club for The return of Jahvuot!!!
Our friend DJ Junior Brown is oranizing the event that includes I-DREAD // SENSI SOUND // SOUL J // DJ MARK and more !! 
For more info it's here happy Jahvuot!

Monday, May 30, 2011

YoyO- The COngos

Hey all!

Finally I've found the time to edit it!!
Here is the clip that I've filmed and edited of the Congos! The song that I have choosen is "Yoyo" which is probably my favorite... This song is so pure and so magic...BUt enough talking, just enjoy it!!

I want to thank so much Gee Afficoman for letting us enter with the camera and for being so supportive!! ah i'm waiting for your comments!!

But that's not all!!! Actually there are a lot a good news!!
1. First the Jewish american singer Matisyahu is coming to Jerusalem for a unique concert in Saffra square, together with Hadag Nahash...For sure it's gonna be huge, and for sure Reggae Cure is going to talk more about it more info here.... So let's listen to "Jerusalem"!!

 2.The other big artist coming to Zion is ZIGGY MARLEY!!! yes yes Bob's elder son is arriving for a single concert to Jerusalem, this time in July, 23rd... And that's not all!! guess what?> Easy Star all star is part of the show as well...Here, at reggae cure , we can't wait!!!more info here

Monday, May 23, 2011

Reggae Parties time has come!!

AS you can all feel, summer is slowly coming...And who says summer usually means: Parties!!
So here for you a quick sum up of the next week's reggae parties around:

1. Roots Rock Reggae is taking place in Morro Beach (Hertzliya Pituach) on Monday night, 23.05.11.
During this event will perfom Ras Daniel and The Desert lion... The place is great, the sound is great and the vibes as well...check it here:

2.Reggae vs. Hip hop is taking place at the mafteach is central Tel Aviv and confronts our friend Dj. Junior brown (reggae) to 2 others israeli djs (eyal bura and johny k). It will take place on tuesday (24.05)...
For more info:

3.Peter Tosh,Dennis Brown,Bob Marley n' more by ZooZ (25.05)
This special event is part of the well known reggae wednesday line @ Lima LIma (lilenblum, Tel aviv)...there for sure will be good sound and good people!!!

check it here:

4.Reggae Fever in Arik's farm!!
On friday (27/07), if you wanna get outta of da city, here is the opportunity to do so!! and the line up is quite impressive!!
Aficoman, Laroz, Jahmo Sound and more!

The place is located right between netanya and Hadera...

And of course to rest up a bit from all those parties, there's nothing like Reggae Cure !!!

On saturday (28/05) as every week, Benja and I have the pleasure to present to you one hour of pure reggae music !! 
You can hear it live on or on the FM (yeah the radio set, remember?) 106.4 in central area, Israel...

SO I hope you will enjoy this very intense reggae week as much as possible!!

And never forget: Reggae Cure: Cause Da Cure is Love!!!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Reggae cure hosts Tomer Yehiely

This week, Reggae Cure has the joy to host Tomer, who came all the way from Beer Sheva with his guitar to share with us a few songs and a lot of good vibes!
Tomer perfoms for us a cover of "Johnny was a good man" (Bob Marley's song), "Your house" (Steel Pulse) and also an original song that he wrote : "Lean Taruts?" (where you're gonna run?).
Moreover, Tomer is also accompanying us for this 60mn of pure reggae music!!
Never forget: Reggae Cure, Cause Da cure is love!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Reggae Cure gets C.o.n.s.c.i.o.u.s!!!

THis week Reggae Cure presents a playlist including conscious songs only...
Today, no silly songs, it's gonna be very spiritual!

So are you ready for more Alborosie, Tarus Riley, Culcha Candella, Dub Inc and many more?
Special Thanks to Menny Alon from the Rasta Lion sound sytem for preparing this playlist and accompanying us during this 60mn of love!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Reggae Cure special independence day hosts Rasta Lion

HI all,
Reggae Cure is proud to host Menachem Alon from Rasta Lion, one of the most important reggae crew of the country...
You will enjoy one hour of 100% fresh israeli reggae as a celebration of the country's 63rd years...

Moreover we are excited to publish soon the clips from The Congos: Live @ Barby, Tel Aviv, from where we shot an exclusive interview...

More to come: next saturday (14/05), Rasta LIon (2nd episode) is bringing us a special "conscious" reggae playlist : please do not miss!!

And never forget  Reggae Cure: Cause Da Cure is Love! 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Reggae Cure special The Congos and The Abyssianians

Reggae Cure is proud to host a very special guest: Gee alias Aficoman is a producer, DJ and website manager that actually dedicates his life to reggae. He is actually the main producer of the concert of the Congos and The Abyssinians taking place tonight (04/05) and tomorrow in Barby Club, Tel Aviv. Gee is joigning us for a broadcast dedicated to those two mythic jamaican reggae bands...enjoy it!!!

D-Day has come!!

That's it !!
In a few hours from now we are going to live an historic event, one of the most important in Israel reggae history...
The Congos and The Abyssinians, two of the most legendary reggae bands from Jamaica are performing in Tel Aviv in Barby CLub (kibbutz Galuiot Rd) ...
For the late decision-ers there are still some tickets on sale on the spot...

I'm sure it's going full of good positive vibes!

And of course i'll very soon upload the Reggae Cure special Congos+Abyssinians with Gee Afficoman our special guest, so you better be around!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring is Here

Hi all!

First of all I want to apologize for not being much active those days, but as you may know student life is not always easy ;-) 

Anyway I've got many good news: first of all since I haven't been posted recently, there are many episode ready to be published!! 
Second of all we 'll have the pleasure to host Gee Aficoman very soon in Reggae Cure and together talk about The Congos and the Abyssinians that are coming to Israel in a few weeks!!

But for now I propose that you listen to this fresh Reggae Cure with a special host : Arieh, a young British and Israeli guy that tell us about his recent trip around the word... in music of course: Gyptian, Swan boys, Jah Mason, Alborosie and many more!! 
Reggae Cure: Cause Da Cure is Love!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rasta Lion is in Da place!

Have you wondered what kind of reggae there can be in Israel?
After all the Holy Land is famous for so much other qualitties... but reggae??!!?

Rasta Lion's mix tape is gonna make you change your opinions on the matter!!
So here is the menu!
02.Hidai Liberman (Hidai & I) - Lion Way
03.Odelya (Mystic I) - Smoke It Up
04.Chulu - Not 1 Shekel
05.UriJAH (IDF) - Freedom Fighters
06.Odelya (Mystic I) - Love Is Rare
07.Shusha & Natan Vanda Ft.Shauli (Kengeroo) - Back To Zion
08.Hidai Liberman (Hidai & I) - Vibrations Of War
09.Kashi - Dark Moment
10.Bazooka & UriJAH (IDF) - Brother's Keeper
11.Shusha & Natan 'SoulJAHman' Vanda - Revolution Sound
12.Iyam Ft. Reality - Not From Here
13.UriJAH (IDF) - Israeli Fashion
14.Bazooka - Back To The Roots
15.Hidai Liberman (Hidai & I) - Living Irie
16.Kashi - Not Gonna Break Us
17.Hidai Liberman (Hidai & I) - Country Chant
18.Fishi Hagadol - The State
19.Soul J - No Surrender
20. Rabia & Smiley - Miss. Cannabis 
21.Hidai Liberman (Hidai & I) Ft. Sister N' - Free Man (Bonus Track)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Reggae Cure is going on trip to South America!

This week, Daniel (originally from Venezuela) is taking us to a trip over South America and its reggae culture...Included in the playlist : Cultura Profetica, Negus Nagast(if you liked them here are more songs ), One Chot, Los Cafres and many more.... Reggae Cure: porque la cura es amor! 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Abyssinians+The Congos are coming to Israel!

According to the israeli website Ynet, The Congos and the Abyssinians are coming to Israel very soon. Both are considered as the oldest Jamaican reggae bands.They are planning to be on stage together to offer the Israeli public a joint performance in the club "Barby" located in south Tel Aviv in may 2011...
So reggae lovers, get ready because it's gonna be mad!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bob's not dead!

Esther Anderson is showing here some old footage of Bob Marley shot in the early 1970's that has been lost for more than 30 years...
A whole movie have been edited and will be screen this week end for the first time...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Reggae Cure #19 is up!

That it, Reggae Cure #19 is on air!
One more time Benja and I are very proud to offer you one hour of pure reggae music. And this time again, you're not gonna be upset by the selection: there is for every one's taste: from good old {french} tunes such as Tonton David (he was among the very first French artist to perfom reggae)or Bernard Lavillier (Gainsbourg's spiritual son) to more recent hits such as Jah Cure (Save Yourself), Alaine (born in the US but moved to Jamaica at the age of 3) or even Julian Marley, one of Bob's son whose work is, to my opinion, the closest to what his dad used to do...
Anyway I really hope that you'll like this broadcast and that you'll become fan of this blog...
reggae cure #19